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General Information-

The ASBOG® examinations are held administered twice a year, generally the first Friday in March (3rd Friday starting in 2016) and the third Friday in October (schedule). However, the dates fluctuate depending on holidays and other factors. To apply for approval to sit for the FG and/or PG examination(s), you must submit your application and all required documentation by the application deadline defined by your Board.

An application for approval to take the Fundamentals of Geology (FG) examination is designed for applicants who want to take the FG examination before acquiring the professional geologic work experience required for licensure. It is recommended that you take the FG examination during your final semester in college (assessment examination) or shortly after graduating from college.

An application for approval to take the Practice of Geology (PG) examination is designed for applicants who have taken and passed the FG examination and have the required work experience required for licensure. The requirements for each Member State are slightly different, so we recommend that you visit your State Board's licensure web site for more information. Links to the Member States are provided on the ASBOG® home page, under Member Resources. When the Board has approved you to sit for the examination, the Board administrator will send you a notice with further instructions on registering for the examination with ASBOG®. The notice will also give you information about the paying the examination and/or proctoring fees. For information on the examination content, see the candidate handbook and examination blueprint.

Application Process for taking the ASBOG® Examination-

Note: ASBOG® does not communicate directly with candidates.

The protocol is as follows:

  1. Candidate completes application form (provided by the State Board) and submits this form along with application fee to their respective Boards.
  2. The Board then approves or denies the Candidate to sit for one or both of the examinations.
  3. Once approved by the Board, a Candidate Request Form is authorized/signed by the State Board Administrator. In 12 states, the Candidate Request Form is returned to the Candidate for completion.
  4. If your Board mails you the signed Candidate Request Form, then you must then complete and sign this approved form and mail the original to ASBOG®. Payment options include check, cashiers check, credit card, or PayPal. (see the Candidate Request form for payment details). For Boards that do not send you the Candidate Request Form, the Board office will send you a notice with further instructions on registering for the examination.

ASBOG® cannot and will not process any forms that are not authorized and signed by the State Board.

Last Updated: May 1, 2022